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Guido Mondani Editore S.r.l.
Corso Torino 9/1
16129 Genova (IT)
TEL: +39 010.589041 – FAX: +39 010.566159


Buy safely with Guido Mondani Editore, receive special gifts, personalized treatments and unique services.

When you buy on our website you will:

  • ask for Mondani’s dedication and signature
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  • receive a tracking number for monitoring the status of your delivery
  • have a direct contact with Giorgia and Guido Mondani
  • have a pre and post sale assistance and speak directly with a member of the Mondani team
  • receive items without any damage because the books are very well packed

“Guido Mondani Editore” are a publishing house founded by Guido Mondani in 1979, specialized in haute horlogerie and renowned all over the world for its reliability, seriousness and experience.

For many years Mondani has been publishing luxurious books which have become the essential guides for watch dealers, collectors and aficionados all over the world. The Mondani books contain historical and technical information about the most important watch brands, as well as high quality images. Furthermore, each edition also includes updated quotations of the published watches.

The Mondani books are considered true “Bibles” to collect, invest, buy, sell and trade luxury wristwatches.

Guido Mondani is one of the most important Rolex collectors in the world; in 2006 he sold at auction his collection of 309 Rolex wristwatches, achieving various world-records and now he represents a true opinion leader in the watch market.

His wife Franca works by his side and supports him in every single choice and project. She is co-author of many of the Mondani editions and she is the “engine” of our companies.

guido e franca mondani
Mondani books are now the most important reference for those who work in the watch business and those who love timepieces.


giorgia mondani e daniele

Giorgia Mondani represents the next generation of the Mondani family: Giorgia is a very influent businesswoman and she is very active on the social media. As she told the New York Times in her interview, she has always loved watches and she had to fight to enter a male-dominated world. She soon emerged as a key figure in the market, by being a top member at the frequent business meetings around the world – without forgetting the daily management of her publishing house.

Daniele, Giorgia’s husband, used to be a Rolex-nerd even before meeting Giorgia and he joined the family in this new project. He supports her in every business trip and he is an essential part of the daily business of both Mondani Books and Web.

Melo is the fifth proud member of the company and every day he brings joy, love and smart ideas.

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APRIL 1 AND MAY 13, 2006

The Mondani Collection auction took place in Geneva in 2006, the 1st of April and the 13th of May and achieved an amazing result. All the 309 lots were sold for the astounding price of CHF 11,037,278 and several world records were set.


Ref. 6062 Yellow Gold “Black Diamond Dial” Rolex, “Oyster Perpetual. World record price CHF 469,700

Ref. 6034 in pink gold Oyster Chronograph. World record price CHF 138,700

Ref. 3525, “Stainless Steel Monoblocco” with black dial. World record price CHF 368,900

Ref. 2919, Anti-Magnetique “Half-hooded lugs” in steel. World record price CHF 123,750

Ref. 4537 “Oyster Chronograph Anti-Magnetique” in steel. World record price of CHF 118,000

Ref. 6541 “Milgauss” with black dial. World record price of CHF 118,000

Ref. 2508, large stainless Steel chronograph. World record price CHF 118,000

Ref. 6152, The Rolex Panerai. World record price CHF 112,000

Ref. 2918, Antimagnetique “Hinged Oval Lugs” in steel. World record price CHF 106,200

Ref. 5517, Military Submariner. World record price at auction CHF 61,360

Ref. 4062, “Chronograph Anti-Magnetique” in steel and pink gold. World record price CHF 59,000

Ref. 5087, Oyster Perpetual Bubbleback with “Rigid Hooded Lugs” in 18K yellow gold. World record price CHF 56,640

Ref. 1803 Oyster Perpetual Day-Date in yellow gold with lacquered Stella Green Dial. World record price CHF 40,120

Ref. 3458 Oyster Perpetual Chronograph “Bubbleback”. World record price CHF 33,040

Ref. 5500 “Air – King Winn Dixie”. World record price CHF 8,850

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