The Mondani team pays great attention and takes personally care of every single packaging: the books are packed and protected in the best way, in order to ensure that goods arrive in perfect conditions. For the shipping of your purchases we use a safe, resistant and reliable packaging which includes the insertion of polyethylene foam covering the book completely and safeguarding the books against strikes so as to avoid possible damages during transport.
Each package is shipped by express courier service.


In addition to this we can ship your books in an exclusive wrapping, delivering it directly to the address of the person that shall receive your present!
How does it work? It’s very simple!
Choose the book or the books you intend to buy and select, before you close the order, the button “free gift wrapping”.
You can choose where to ship the gift:
the package can be delivered at your place, if you prefer to hand the gift over to the final recipient in person; or alternatively the package can be directly delivered at home of the recipient. In such a case, insert your data in the area “invoice address” and the data of the person that shall receive the gift in the area “delivery address”.
Keep in mind that with the option “free gift wrapping” we intend a single recipient for each order.
If you want to send more than a gift, it is necessary to place several orders specifying the different recipients.