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  • become a member of the Mondani Club completely for free: together with your order, you will receive a fidelity card personalized with your name, which will allow you to have many benefits. Click here to check the benefits
  • receive as gift the book “Vintage Rolex”, which is for sale in our store for 140 €
  • ask for Mondani’s dedication and signature
  • ask for gift wrapping
  • free shipping in Italy and Europe by express courier
  • receive a tracking number for monitoring the status of your delivery
  • have a direct contact with Giorgia and Guido Mondani
  • have a pre and post sale assistance and speak directly with a member of the Mondani team
  • receive items without any damage because the books are very well packed

The Mondani Club is an exclusive Club for watch collectors and aficionados from all over the world.
The goal of our Club is offering some unique benefits to Mondani Customers. In order to become a Member you just need to purchase a Mondani book on this website. Together with your order, you will receive your fidelity card.
If you bought one of the Mondani books previously, and you want to become a member, just email us a picture of you with the books
We will repost your photos on our social networks

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  • Rolex Daytona
    420,00€ 252,00€ rolex-daytona-116500-mondani-book
  • Rolex Submariner Sea-Dweller DeepSea
    620,00€ New-Submariner-book-2-vol-mondani
  • Rolex Submariner Sea-Dweller DeepSea
    620,00€ New-Submariner-book-2-vol-mondani
  • Rolex Passion
    420,00€ Rolex Passion – Mondani Books
  • Rolex GMT-Master
    420,00€ 252,00€ GMT Master
  • Rolex Encyclopedia (3 volumes)
    790,00€ 474,00€ rolex-encyclopedia-II
  • Nautilus and Patek Philippe (3 books)
    960,00€ patek-philippe-books-mondani
  • Rolex Day-Date
    420,00€ Rolex Day Date
  • Rolex Gold and Platinum
    420,00€ 252,00€ rolex-god-platinum-book-mondani
  • Steel Rolex limited edition
    1.580,00€ acciaio-rolex
  • Tudor Anthology
    320,00€ tudor-anthology-mondani-books-II
  • Rolex Milgauss, Explorer, Turn-O-Graph, Yacht-Master
    620,00€ Rolex Milgauss,Explorer,Yacht-Master – Mondani Books
  • Patek Philippe Steel Watches
    290,00€ Patek Philippe Steel Watches – Mondani Books
  • Vintage Rolex
    140,00€ Rolex Vintage
  • Mondani Magazine
    John Goldberger 577