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Rolex Daytona Self-Winding


This new book is entirely dedicated to self-winding Rolex Daytona wristwatches: a complete and fundamental research, which has never been carried out in such detail.
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Size: 25.5 x 31.5 cm
Authors: Franca and Guido Mondani
ISBN: 978-88-94972-01-6
Languages: English, Italian
Pages: 324
Realized: in Italy


With 324 pages of completely unpublished contents, the authors begin their journey in the year 1988 with the reference 16520. For this model alone you will find 12 different dials, which are illustrated and described in every little detail.

Following this long and thorough review of all the references with a Zenith movement, 14 different dial types of the ref. 116520 are illustrated and described in every detail, including the “chromalight,” “cream” and “APH” versions, to name just a few examples.

In this edition you will find unique pieces and very rare prototypes, as well as customized watches and special dials.

Technical features and examination of all watch parts (movements, dials, bezels, subdials, case backs, hands, indexes, pushers, winding crowns, bracelets and a lot more).

Special attention is paid to the differences between dials and bezels: these little characteristics have a major influence on the value of a watch.

This book focuses on the most sought-after “Cerachrom” Daytona, illustrates NOS models, complete with their box and warranty, and gives information on how a watch should look at the time of purchase today. This information will be very helpful, considering all the non-original models on the market.

Moreover, you will find a description of all the latest models of the Oysterflex, the racing dials, the Daytona Beach, the Meteorite, the Everose, the Platona, the Rainbow and many more.

This book also provides a list of the dials that can be fitted to each reference and the alphanumeric codes stamped on the bracelet clasps.

This most useful index of references will help you to easily find whatever watch you are looking for. The edition “Self-Winding Rolex Daytona” is accompanied by a booklet with updated valuations of all published watches, based on their condition.

List of published references:

16518, 16519, 16520, 16523, 16528, 16559SACO, 16568, 16568EMRO, 16588 SAFU, 16589 Bril, 16589 RUBI, 16589 SAPH, 16598 EMRO, 16599 RUBI, 16599 SAPH, 116500LN, 116503, 116505, 116506, 116508, 116509, 116515LN, 116518, 116518LN, 116519, 116519LN, 116520, 116523, 116528, 116568, 116576TBR, 116588 TBR, 116589 BRIL, 116589 RBR, 116589 SACI, 116589 SALV, 116595RBOW, 116596RBOW, 116598 SACO, 116599 4RU, 116599 12SA, 116599 RBOW, 116599 RBR, 116599 TBR, 126500, 126503, 126505, 126506, 126518

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