11 May From New york to Las Vegas

The IWJG Show moves from New York to Las Vegas !!

Directly from the IWJG Team:

“We left the VERY GOOD NEW YORK International Watch and Jewelry Guild Event with the Memorial Day Event in Las Vegas at 75% of our table space already sold. We only have about 35 tables available for the Vegas Event. In addition, we have over sold our room block by over 100 rooms and the Tropicana is already sold out for Sunday night. If you haven’t registered for the International Watch and Jewelry Guild (IWJG) show on May 30th and 31st in Las Vegas at the Tropicana Resort and Casino, 3801 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, here is your last chance to be in the host hotel. Call Olga now at 1-800-554-4992 or 1-713-783-8199. We made 10 extra room reservations on Friday (before the Trop. notified us they were over sold), they have to honor these reservations but when these 10 rooms are gone, they’re gone and we cannot get any more. If you need rooms and/or table space do not wait any longer. Call the office in Houston and let our staff get you ready for IWJG Vegas!!!

Joseph P. Nelson, Executive Director of the International Watch and Jewelry Guild reminds IWJG Members” I’m not going to keep harping on this BUT Las Vegas will be a big show!!! We will run out of everything. If you have not registered call Olga now at 1-800-554-4992 or 1-713-783-8199 and let’s all have a Great Memorial Day Event to kick off Jewelry Week in Sin City!!!”

Let’s take a minute and look back on our event in New York City on the 3rd and 4th on May!!!

The markets worldwide are in flux. The Euro is low. The Asian markets and dealing with the political and economic changes and the entire world is trying to deal with political upheaval in one fashion or another. The US economy is stronger that most but it is weak in the middle class sector…With all of that there is still business to be done and the members that are focused on what’s working, what’s good in these markets and working hard are getting good results…This is not 2 or 3 years ago, you really have to work the marketplace. Here is what we heard in New York!!!

Aeraj Shah from Michigan, had a very good show buying diamonds. Drew Knohl left NYC very happy with show results. Keith Leclerc team report good results as well. Adrian Kleiman said he had a Very Good NYC Show. Robert Cooper reported in with a good show in New York as did Yanagi Yukihiro…Donald Stone found good results in the show for both buying and selling. Mark Nowak had a good show.

Jennifer Chu reported in with Very Good results and Newton Ng had a good show as well. Tommy LaBret had a good NYC event as did Bobby Kilic. Member Daoud Abdulla reported to Olga that he had a Very Good Show in New York and Alfonso Valencia had a Very Good event at the Marriott. Joe Demesy was happy to report that he did some good business in the Big Apple. Mike and Ariel Shimunov had a good show. Tumuri Nanikashvili, flew in from Israel came straight to the show and even with the Jet Lag reports a good show!!!

Todd Jones reports a Really Good Show and Ricardo Reibling had a good show as well. Ben Honigman from Florida reports a good NYC Event and Maricela Reyes had a Very Good Show. Barry Blank had a Very Good Show as well, and was very busy throughout the entire event. Glad to hear that Barry!!! Paul Fox had a really good show!!!Roman Buslovich from Chicago reported a good NYC event as did Glen Edwards.

Marty Green told us that he had a good show and commented on how easy the IWJG shows were to participate in compared to other shows he attends…Thank you for your kind words Marty!!!

Bob Maron reported in with a good New York Show as did Andy Yasparro. Alex Ciani had a good May show and Joe Akar reported that he did some business and was glad he was with us in NYC.

Jordan Gellerman and Andrew Cohen both had a Really Great New York event and last but not least, Eddie Kurayev reported that his New Your results were a Really, Really Good Event. Glad to hear it Eddie and the same for all you our attendees that found New York a great place to do business in this crazy market

Joe Nelson continues “These are all of the reports I have room for in this communique…Just remember…This is not yesterday, but if you have the right merchandise, price it right and work hard to sell it, you can have success even in a market like this one…. Don’t try to make the market…Make some sales. It’s a Good Thing!!!”

Speaking of Good Things, look at these airfares!!! Just a couple to Las Vegas, from Dallas $157.00…Miami $217.00…and Chicago $158.00

If you haven’t booked a flight…Do not wait any longer Call the airlines now…While you are at it, remember, we are almost out of table space and we only have 10 rooms left for Las Vegas…This is one of our best shows and you do not want to miss out. Call Olga now at 1-800-554-4992 or 1-713-783-8199 before the girls have to tell you we’re SOLD OUT!!! and we can’t give you tables or sleeping rooms for the great show coming up in Las Vegas, where once again we will be privileged to serve the best membership on the planet”


Olga, Joe, Christina and the entire IWJG Staff!!!



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