Giorgia Mondani on the New York Times

27 Sep Giorgia Mondani interview on the New York Times

Giorgia Mondani interview on the New York Times: exactly one year ago, the prestigious american newspaper published an amazing article about Giorgia Mondani. Click here to read it.

Giorgia Mondani

Kathleen Beckett interviewed Giorgia Mondani about her favourite watches, her collection, family and life.

Giorgia Mondani and mELO ON THE nEW yORK tIMES

The watch collector Giorgia Mondani in her office with her dog “Melo”. © Andrea Frazzetta for The New York Times

Giorgia Mondani watches

Giorgia explains that she is one of the very few women in this business and she never travels without her husband Daniele. She tells how she got the watch passion from her father Guido :

“I grew up with watches as part of my daily life,” Ms. Mondani said. (Her biography on the publishing company’s website says “Rolex” was one of her first words.) And she still remembers her first watch, a ladies’ classic Rolex Oyster that her father presented “to celebrate that I won a tournament and got the title Best European Tennis Player under 16.”

Giorgia talks about her obsession for the green color; many of the watches in her collection are green:

Green passion by Giorgia Mondani

The article also talks about the Mondani books

Discover more about Giorgia Mondani in the NEW YORK TIMES interview: her watches, family, passion and much more. Click here

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