05 May Interview to Georgios Batselas

We are happy to make a couple of questions to Georgios Batselas about the upcoming May Auction at Kaplans “Important Watches”

Georgios is watch specialist and head of the watch department at Kaplans Auktioner.

Georgias Batselas

What do you think a buyer should look for in a vintage watch?

I would say you should start by looking for something you really like. Whether it’s the design, a special complication or maybe even the year that the watch was made that catches your attention, you should always start with your own taste.

Otherwise it is important to look at the condition of the watch and to what has happened with it through the years. Many times a watch has had several different owners and a lot of things could have been done to it. Has the dial been tampered with and how has any eventual polishing been performed? If you are a novice to vintage watches it is always smart to take help from an expert or buy from trusted auction companies.

What are your expectations for this auction?

We have an amazing auction with carefully selected objects. We have been thinking about the entirety of the auction and been more finical than ever. We are so grateful for all the customers that have chosen to come to us to sell these items. Most of the watches are very well-preserved, which is quite typical for our country.

I’m also really pleased with the fact that we can offer a wide variety of watches, in a price range that can attract collectors no matter the size of their wallet. Vintage watches doesn´t always have to be expensive and I think we have something for everyone at this auction.  The expectations are higher than ever.

Tell us more about the top lots of Rolex watches!

I would like to begin with the beautiful and timeless Datejust, lot number 2. It is extremely rare to find a Rolex from 1958 like this, in such a great condition and with both certificate and chronometer certificate. It sure looks like it  hasn’t spent many hours on a wrist.

Of course I also have to mention the three Sea-Dwellers reference 1665, one “Double Red”, one  “Great White” and one “Rail Dial” with Super Dome crystal. As many of you know, in the beginning, the dial of the 1665 read “Sea-Dweller, Submariner 2000” in red, hence the nickname “Double Red”. In the middle of the 1970’s they decided to take away “Submariner 2000” and changed the text to white. We are very proud to present this collection of different Sea-Dwellers.

How many lots are there, and can you list the watch departments top three?

There is 174 lots at the auction. It is really difficult to choose favourites, there are so many watches and they are all chosen for this auction for a reason. Personally, I’m really fond of lot number 75, the Tudor “Home Plate”. I wore it during Baselworld to promote it, and I did not want to give it back afterwards!

Tudor Homeplate

I also have a soft spot for lot number 36 “Viggen”. Watches, aircrafts and militaria has always been fascinating to people, and the combination has often made objects into collectibles. The first pilots flying the fighter jet SAAB 37 Viggen was given a Lemania chronograph as a part of their personal gear. The watch was later nick named Viggen after the jet.

Interview - Lemania

Last but not least I’d like to mention lot number 1, a very rare Omega from the 1930’s with a pocket watch movement. It is as big as 46 mm in diameter and the crown is large enough to be handled wearing gloves, very good if you were a pilot.

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