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18 May A new record sale at Kaplans – 97% of the watches were sold.

A new record at Kaplans

A crowded auction hall, intense bidding and a great atmosphere. We look back at Important watches as a great success. A new record was set with 97% of the objects sold to buyers from all over the world.

Georgios Batselas, Head of the Watch Department, summarises:

The interest for vintage watches has clearly increased. The thought of being able to invest in a watch that you can use now and later get your money back for, is probably very appealing to many people.
No one really knows which models will increase in value, but the idea of being able to do a great deal is enticing, and with that comes a greater interest and an understanding of watches and what makes them special.
At the auction there were a couple of objects that really got the audience going. There was some intense bidding in the hall and the hammered prices made the audience break into applause.
– Classic sports models from the mid 1900’s from famous brands, and preferably large watches, are very popular. They have been sought after for a long time and seem to continue increasing in popularity, which is reflected in the hammered prices.

Georgios Batselas lists five outstanding objects from the auction.

Lot no. 75 Tudor ”Home Plate”, made second quarter 1970. An incredible and funky Tudor in great condition.
Estimated at 3 540 Euro. Hammered at 24 080 Euro.

Tudor Homeplate Hammered at 24 080 Euro

Lot no. 36 Lemania ”Viggen”, approximately 1970. A Swedish Air Force Lemania worn by pilots who flew the Saab Viggen. We believe this might be a new record for a Lemania, “Viggen”.
Estimated at 3 220 Euro. Hammered at 9 650 Euro.
Lemania ”Viggen Hammered at 9 650 Euro.

Lot no. 1 Omega “Pilot’s watch” from 1939. This piece was delivered to Sweden in 1939 and there isn’t many known examples of this very special watch.
Estimated at 10 730 Euro. Hammered at amazing 28 380 Euro.

Omega “Pilot’s watch”

Lot no. 101 and Lot no. 129 Heuer Autavia reference 2446 C, approximately 1970 and 1969.
This kind of vintage Heuers has become hard to find in the current market. It was obviously watches worth fighting for and the final bids landed at 6 330 Euro for lot no. 101 and astonishingly  11 800 Euro for lot no. 129.

Lot no. 101 and Lot no. 129 Heuer Autavia

Lot no. 101 Estimated at 1 015 Euro. Hammered at 6 315 Euro.
Lot no. 129 Estimated at 910 Euro. Hammered at 11 800 Euro.

Of course the auction also had a great range of Rolex watches up for sale, and these are the objects that really stood out:

Lot no. 2 Rolex Datejust, reference 6605, Chronometer certificate, February 1958, certificate, October 1958.
Estimated at 9 530 Euro. Hammered at 14 600 Euro.

Lot no. 5 Rolex, GMT-Master, reference 1675, made first quarter 1968.
Estimated at 3 970 Euro. Hammered at 7 730 Euro.

Lot no. 100 Rolex Daytona, reference 6265, “ Black Daytona”, certificate, April 1973.
Estimated at 11 800 Euro. Hammered at 35 400 Euro.

Lot no. 100 Rolex Daytona, reference 6265,

Lot no. 110 Rolex Sea-Dweller, reference 1665, “Double Red”, certificate, April 1979.
Estimated at 13 950 Euro. Hammered at 24 080 Euro.

Lot no. 160 Rolex Day- Date, reference 1803, approximately 1972.
Estimated at 4 190 Euro. Hammered at 6 120 Euro.

Lot no. 160 Rolex Day- Date, reference 1803
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