03 Apr Rolex gold & platinum

Dear Clients,
we are glad to inform you that in June 2016 we will release a new limited edition, entirely dedicated to Rolex watches: Rolex Gold & Platinum.

In the past two years we examined the Rolex production in stainless steel ( with the book “Steel Rolex”) and the entire history of the Swiss Crown (with the 2 books set “Rolex Story”); now we want to focus on modern and vintage Rolex watches in yellow, white, rose gold and platinum.

“Rolex Gold & Platinum” will be a very important, big size book which will show unreleased material, new images that never appeared before, rare and sought after watches, as well as very useful information about the entire production of gold and platinum Rolex.

In the book you will find:

  • Classic and shaped models (Among the most famous shaped watches are the Prince models and the square watch)
  • Oyster No Date (The Oyster case represents a milestone in the history of watchmaking. Invented by Rolex in 1926, it became the rst completely waterproof case for a wristwatch owing to the fact that the bezel, the case back, and the winding crown are all screwed against the “carrure”.)
  • Date and DateJust ( The Datejust was the rst selfwinding waterproof chronometer wristwatch. )
  • Day-Date (The Day-Date model was launched in 1956 with references 6510 and 6511).
  • Enamel dials (The enamel forms a vitreous waterproof coating and is used to decorate cases, bracelets, and dials.)
  • Masters (The term “Master” indicates the most important position aboard a ship; it means “principal,” or “leader,” and in the Rolex Universe the Masters represent the most complicated watches.)
  • Chronographs (push-back case, Oyster case and Daytona)
  • Submariner (With a sturdy stainless steel bracelet and an Oyster case in stainless steel as well, the Submariner was speci cally designed for underwater exploration and diving.)
  • GMT-Master (Originally designed for airline pilots, the GMT-Master is an Oyster model that is equipped not only with a special movement, but also with a hand which makes a complete rotation of the dial every 24 hours, as well as with a bidirectional rotating 24-hour graduated bezel.)
  • Yacht-Master (The Yacht-Master made its debut at Baselworld 1992. Known as the “sailors’ watch,” the rst Yacht-Master was available in only yellow gold).

With the updated estimates of all published watches.

Rolex Gold & Platinum:
limited edition of 200 copies worldwide
big size book cm 31 x 41
284 pages
English and Italian text

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