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07 Jun Back from Vegas

Directly from Las Vegas airport, on our way back to Italy, we want to share with you the days we spent in Nevada, in Las Vegas.
Only few slot machines and gambling, many watches and business ! In these days Las Vegas was the capital of jewelry and horology, with many shows entirely dedicated to jewels and watches.
From the IWJG to the Antique Show, from the JCK to the Fashion Couture, professionals and dealers from all over the world had the chance to show and sell true “treasures”.

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We started on May 30th at the IWJG Show, that took place at Tropicana Hotel and the room was full of dealers and buyers.
Two very intense days with customers from all over the world..From America, Japan, Australia, Europe, we had the chance to meet many friends, clients and partners.

giorgia mondani and joe nelson

This show was the perfect occasion to present our new limited edition ROLEX GOLD AND PLATINUM: an exclusive publication in a very Limited series of 200 copies only. A big size book with the best Rolex production in gold and platinum. It was a great pleasure to share this presentation with the author of the book’s preface  ROBERT MARON, one of the world’s most known and respected watch dealers. (click here to read his preface)

giorgia mondani and robert maron
For all those who reserved a copy, we will start the delivering in the next days.

After the big success achieved at the IWJG, we moved to the Paris Hotel for the Antique Show, where our dear friend Roman from LUXURY BAZAAR shared these very intense days with us.

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Many precious jewels, both modern and vintage, a large number of vintage watches ( many Rolex ) and a big public of private clients, jewelers and watch buyers.

The Mondani books did very well again, in particular the two “Bibles” about Rolex (Rolex Encyclopedia) and Patek (Collecting Nautilus and Patek Philippe).

The thematic editions achieved a big success too, in particular the Submariner & GMT-Master books and the big size Daytona edition.

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